Big Lurch 3XL Entertainment Update

Recently I acquired and now own %100 of my Dad Big Lurch’s Copyright / Publishing and Royalties. I don’t know if y’all know how BIG that is. But that’s one of the most important things that’s gonna get him closer to coming home. I also got his debut “album” It’s All Bad removed from all... Continue Reading →

Drugs And Religion…

Judging from a Righteous, holier than thou standpoint yet Livin in sin Delusional; Drug Induced Myopic thoughts that impel; you to Demonize the closest of Friends Belief in God created the Devil in you When mixed with flesh flesh controlling witches Brew God, judge and jury Enlightened Dopefiend Thoughts Introversion insatiable  Believers Restricted to your... Continue Reading →


“In 60 days I have an appeal hearing. With a good investigation I could get my double life sentences dropped to a manslaughter charge — because Tynisha’s murder was not premeditated.” After a decade after being ordered to serve a double life prison sentence for the 2002 gruesome murder of 21-year-old Tynisha Ysais, Big Lurch... Continue Reading →

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